Music Builds STEAM!

This is an interactive program that integrates musical experiences with STEM content. There are several modules to choose from.

SCIENCE: How does the science of sound work? Using music and instruments as examples, we discuss sound waves, vibrations and how sound and music is created.
TECHNOLOGY: What kind of new technology exists that helps us to create music? Discuss the “technological” helpers we can use today when composing and performing. Learn about metronomes, tuners, and maybe compose a new song!
ENGINEERING: How are musical instruments created? Learn how and why instruments are created so precisely and why different materials sound and feel different.
MATH: Did you know that math and music go hand in hand? Learn how time signatures work and how we use counting and adding when reading music. Later, put those skills to the test and try out conducting!
STEAM: Do each of those programs sound interesting? The STEAM program takes core ideas and examples from all 4 previous programs to show all the ways that the arts can be included in traditional STEM programming. 

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Music Builds STEAM Education Partners:
Saykaly Garbulinska Foundation
Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky, Inc.
Fifth Third Bank
Lexington Philharmonic Guild
​Kentucky’s Touchstone Energy Cooperatives
Lexington Rotary Club Endowment, Inc.