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Tickets for our Community!

Each season LexPhil works with organizations and groups throughout the region to provide free or reduced-price tickets to underserved demographics. 

Some recipients of the free ticket program include MusicWorks; VetTix; Central Music Academy; Big Brothers, Big Sisters; and more!

Click here to see some of the positive feedback and thanks from free ticket recipients to March's Verdi Requiem concert. 

Community Partner Ticket Program

What is the Community Partner Ticket Program?

The Community Partner Ticket Program invites groups who do important work in our community into the concert hall to experience the impact of live orchestral music. We recognize that some of our most enthusiastic supporters and valued community members may not have the means to attend our concerts. The Community Partner Ticket Program forms or recognizes existing relationships with groups who bring so much good to central Kentucky and invites them to join our audience. Whether your group serves young students experiencing a professional performance for the first time or armed forces veterans, we would love to see your organization in our audience!

Who can be a Community Partner?

Any 501(c)(3) organization may apply to be a Community Partner. Approved partners receive complimentary tickets to selected LexPhil concerts. Your organization doesn’t have to be music or art based- we welcome organizations involved in veteran services, education, community development, social services, as well as arts organizations!

How does it work?

Any organization wishing to participate must complete our online application using the button below. Organizations will be notified of the approved number of tickets that they will be given and which concerts they may attend. It will then be the organization’s responsibility to collect the information of organization members wishing to attend the concert via the provided worksheet and turn that worksheet in to LexPhil by the Monday preceding the concert.

We ask that tickets are only offered to an organization’s program participants, staff, board members, and their families. Please do not offer tickets to those outside of the organization that has been approved for the Community Partner Ticket Program.

How can I prepare our group to attend an orchestral concert?

We want everyone to feel comfortable, confident and welcome when they walk into the concert hall. Sometimes it helps to have someone explain what to expect before you get there! Be sure to check out our First Timer's guide under the "Plan Your Experience" tab for helpful information. If you would like LexPhil to send you additional materials or schedule a time for a staff member to come talk to your group, please contact Erin Lum at

Who is not eligible for the Community Partner Ticket Program?

Any group or organization that is not 501 (c)(3) certified, school groups (contact us about our annual Discovery school concert and student ticket rates!), or individuals are not eligible for this program.

I have a question about the Community Partner Ticket Program. Who should I contact?

Questions about the LexPhil Community Partnership Program should be directed to Erin Lum, Patron Loyalty Associate Manager, at