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Instrument Petting Zoo

Price: Call 859.233.4226 or email for quote
Program Description: Bring LexPhil’s most popular program to your school!  LexPhil’s traveling instrument petting zoo includes instruments from all the families. Students have time to touch, hold, discover, and play all of the instruments. The goal of the program is to engage student’s interest in music on a personal level and help them identify instruments they are interested in learning more about.

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Teaching Artists

Price: Call 859.233.4226 or email for quote
Program Description: One of LexPhil’s musicians will visit the classroom to help reinforce ideas that are being communicated in the class. Visits can be tailored to certain instruments or instrument families, time periods, composers, genres, or anything else the students are working on in class. Musicians can be the main presenter or work with the teacher to present.



Price: Call 859.233.4226 or email for quote
Program Description: Have an ensemble of musicians come and perform for your school. Choose an existing LexPhil ensemble, or work with us to develop something new.


Open Rehearsals

Price: Free
Program Description: Watch a dress rehearsal for one of the series concerts. Students must be accompanied by their classroom teacher or a parent to attend. Students will get the chance to listen and watch how a piece is rehearsed and fine tuned by the conductor.

Please email Mari Kellogg, Interim Education Coordinator, at for more information.



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